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We are Stories/âcathôhkîwina ("sacred stories"), Emily Carr University of Art and Design

There is profound power in the stories we speak, tell and become — in the stories given to us, and passed on. Our own names, cultures and identities have been given to us by breath.

From the small things we tell ourselves in the quiet of our mind, to the tales that define generations, the agency of our words manifests itself all around us.

Therefore, we have a responsibility attached to each word we breathe. A small word can become an anthem someone defines themselves by, which then becomes action that impacts the physical and emotional landscapes of our lives.

There is nothing that exists outside of Reciprocity; we act in a world that is deeply connected and interdependent. When we disrespect the land we come from, the trees that feed us and the life around us, we disrespect ourselves.

My intentions in this piece were to illustrate this beautiful relationship we have with the world that is around us, within us and that is us. It is my hope that as people, we can live by principle, understanding that every action we take against the planet is an action against ourselves and those we love, and those to come.

For hundreds of thousands of years our human ancestors have told stories around fires. Some of the best conversations I’ve had have been around a fire. This is true community — something ingrained in our DNA that responds to story in this context.

Stories have power; stories are who we are. 

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